Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is common steel bar

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reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures



Historically in Europe, rebar comprised mild steel material with a yield strength of approximately 250 N/mm˛. Modern rebar comprises high-yield steel, with a yield strength more typically 500 N/mm˛. Rebar can be supplied with various grades of ductility, with the more ductile steel capable of absorbing considerably greater energy when deformed - this can be of use in design against earthquakes for example.

Rebar Designation

For clarity, reinforcement is usually tabulated in a Reinforcement Schedule on construction drawings. This eliminates ambiguity in the various notations used in different parts of the world. The following list provides examples of theRe-Bar Grading systems different notations used in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry.

United States

#4 @ 12 oc, T&B, EWNumber 4 rebars spaced 12 inches on centre (centre-to-centre distance) on both the top and bottom faces and in each way as well, i.e. longitudinal and transverse
3 #4Three number 4 rebars
#3 ties @ 9 oc, 2 per setNumber 3 rebars used as stirrups, spaced at 9 inches on centre. Each set consists of two ties, which is usually illustrated.

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